i whiteOur auction is part of the Fine Tool Journal magazine (available by one-time purchase or by subscription).  This sale started in 1983 as a regular feature of the Fine Tool Journal.
Antique tools of all trades are offered from rare collectible tools to good old user tools.
Bidding is online, by phone (269) 463-8255 or mail (see bottom of page for mailing address) It is recommended bidders place a follow up phone call to confirm that the bids were received and to check current high bids.


The Winter 6703 Fine Tool Journal will be mailed by February 5th, 2018. The auction will be put online on the "Current Auction" shortly after the journal mails. 

Give one of our auctions a try! It is fun and we will always execute your online bids competively. If you are not sure how it works gives us a call we will gladly explain. All auction items come with a 7-day return policy. Just make sure you like the tool before you start cleaning and honing!

See the complete FTJ Auction Rules for all the details.